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Tales of arrival
Celebrating Divine Feminine

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WildWriting: Poetry 101
Writing Our Way Home: 
JumpStart Your Writing Life!
Celebrating the Divine Feminine
Tales of Arrival & Becoming
Dharma Lineage of Modern Poetry: From Whitman to Neruda…
To Praise is the Whole Thing: Poetry of Praise and Celebration
Staying Solid in the Mystery:  Holding the Paradox Alive and Well inside Poem
Voices of Flowers: Writing in the Garden 
Cooking Up Your Cookbook
Channeling Your Inner Author!
There’s a book inside you!
Writing in Concert: 
Creating & Sustaining Your Dream Writer’s Group!
Frequently Asked Questions about online classes
Distance Learning Made Intimate. 4 Week Online Writing Courses!
The time is… Write!!!!!!!!!!!! Let Luminous Learning be your Live-In Muse!
Wondering which class to take?
There are so many to choose from! Write me! I am always happy to discuss what might work best for you at any particular turning point…
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Read the various course offerings and when you have decided, just click the PayPal buttons for your course selection. PayPal notifies me when you have registered and for which course. I will confirm your start date and project via email and then let the writing begin! & I've ADDED a half-hour Zoom Mentoring Session! For Frequently Asked Questions click here.
WildWriting: Poetry 101!!!
Whether you have written for 40 years, or started yesterday… or are longing to start: this sweet sweet and inspiring course will get you jazzed, juiced and WRITING! This is my ONE STOP SHOP for WildWriting: an exquisite way to write the passionate, image-rich poems we all long to create!

WildWriting offers fresh, innovative techniques get you writing passionately! Create crafted work, strong, lyrical, full of vivid details and powerful images… I have come up with thrilling – and fun! – and simple! –tried-and-true techniques that get you writing the kind of poetry you have longed to…passionate, strong, lyrical, splendidly full of intimate, specific details and powerful images…FAST! NOW!
Writing Our Way Home
Poetic Memoir as Vision Quest. Ok, ok. Soooooooooooo many stories…and so many possible approaches! Memoir is HOT! I offer an original, creative – and FUN - way to write yours! 

This is writing as an act of discovery: in the telling, your New Paths open before you! Write deep, write down and dirty, tell-all, or just a bit…hide or hoot….Take us there in boats of shimmering language!
Not Who What Where and When: not a report! Write your lifestories in gleaming, potent glimpses… Be utterly riveting! This class offers simple ways to work with memory, to create juicy ialogue, vivid descriptions…characters that come vibrantly alive… and make your story sing and soar…Andale! Andiamo! Time…our real subject…yes? … is of the essence!

And we see…. where you are going, where you are meant to go, 
and have always been.
JumpStart Your Writing Life!
This course is designed to get you past Ready, 
way through Set & take you straight to Goooooooooooo!
Refreshing! High Energy! Irresistible! For poets, fiction, non-fiction, and memoir writers! This is the Ultra Get-On-With-it, Add-Water-and-Stir, Writing Kit!!!! A FABULOUS way to Ignite your Writing! Begin a Book Project!

Each week you receive an Inspiring, Enlivening… Breath of Fresh Air Class… Plus…. Daily… Inviting … Invigorating…Writing Exercises! 
That’s 28 lusciously tempting Starts! Plus oodles of Wisdom Quotes (We all love those!) We jump in with Beginner's Mind…Of course! Mix in delicious decoctions of fabulous fill-your-journal flashes, Stimulating…encouraging…Opening heart and mind… Exciting…Inter-Active! Delightfully energizing and freeing to your Voice & Pen! Just what the Creativity Doctah ordered: Soul Medicine!!! Funnnnnnnnnnnnnn!   100% Supercharged!
Celebrating the Divine Feminine

She has been waiting! For us! This class is threshold, is both a listening and a learning…Each week will offer study notes, mythic and historic, poetry and Old, old stories…and ground us in real-time/place, Honoring the Great Goddesses across Time and Cultures…Including, among many to come, Inanna, Cybele, Yemaya, Sophia, Isis, Kuan Yin, Kali Ma, Xochiquetzal, Green Tara, Artemis, Aphrodite…                       


We shall write our way back to Her…with Her help! Creating Altars, writing and Nature assignments and sacred gratitude…  Bringing ourselves to this work is a gift …. I promise you! 


Tales of Arrival and Becoming: Glimmers of the Divine 

Once upon…or under…or after…or because of a Time… we take the learn who and where we are, within the ancient, imagerich tradition of the Fairy Tales... The fairy stories are clocks of the Psyche: 
they tell us the “when” inside the Soul's Journey.

Exploring these powerful tales opens a treasure trove, and aligns our personal story with the natural world, with our culture, and with the thrumming depths of archetypal Energies. This work is a path, a piece of the journey that will take us through the Woods…into the Castle…up the Beanstalk…. to the Ball…to Happily…Ever….

These classes will offer a way in to your story: a way to approach, 
with great tenderness and respect for this deep, exquisite work…. 
perhaps a poem to frame and hold the themes of Arrival and Becoming, 
an Experience in Nature, or a poetry form to experiment with, 
or a soulful Task Honoring these Energies. You will have poetry/journaling assignments, and enlivening suggestions that mirror and record our discoveries…our adventures Inward!



Dharma Lineage of Modern Poetry: 
From Whitman to Neruda…

Part 1:An utterly scrumptious approach to understanding (and standing under!) the magnificent influences of the Great Ones that inform all that we are privileged to entertain and contain in our own poetic voices…

Over the time of this complete course, we’ll read and explore, in context, among others, Dickinson, Hopkins, Blake, Yeats, Lawrence, Rilke, Rumi, Mirabai, Hafiz, Eliot, Cummings, Stevens, Williams…. We’ll write in relation to what we are learning… Important work for us all, always – to study, to revel in, and to honor the inherited wealth of our Craft…
To Praise is the Whole Thing: 
Poetry of Praise and Celebration

This quote, from the magnificent German poet, Rainer Marie Rilke, 
is the frame and framework, for this course! We’ll get Sensate! & Sensual! And Joyous! Praise will flow from our pens as simply as tea from a steaming pot of Darjeeling…

Each class offers poetry/journaling assignments that engage us in multiple playful and inspiring techniques to bring us fully jazzed and juiced into our senses; and will include a selection of gorgeous poems across time and culture. We will fall in love with this so-amazing world; 
making poems that evoke, echo, glisten and gleam…


Staying Solid in the Mystery:
Holding the Paradox Alive and Well inside Poem

I love this course! Just love it! For long-time writers…this opens some new/old doors in our practice, offering fresh vistas…. powerful new stances…. that ignite us in unknown ways…yummmmmmmm! Each class offers a set of reading, ruminations and poetry/journaling assignments that bring us to this world and our lives with fresh, un-judging intensity, living with the yes/no, dark/light, sorrow/joys that are our truth, and seed the depths of our best work……a transforming experience!

Voices of Flowers: Writing in the Garden  

Flowers speak…. teach…sing…heal… We know this. Invoking their presence, in our writing, as guides and guardians, for insight, assistance and inspiration: engaging our minds and hearts and pens with their color, scent, sacred geometries, forms, their science and ancient stories…brings us into alignment with the inbreath and outbreath of Beauty in this world…


Each week will focus on a single flower, offering sensual, botanical, mythic and poetic notes to bring us into deep, celebratory connection…
By way of specific exercises, we’ll gently, sweetly…break into poetic blossom! A pure, intoxicating pleasure for Gardener/Writers!


Cooking Up Your Cookbook

What a beloved-to-my-heart genre! Been there, done it, and doing it again! With an agent and a contract! Zowie! & I would love to share my process with you! We’ll do it together! Take your Dream & turn it into Doable! We’ll write your Intro, Table of Contents, create and write a proper recipe and a little header for it – (what’s a header: don’t worry!):
This is know-all//tell-all! Write the query letter…the marketing letter…Yup! We can do this! This will get you ready to finish, market or publish!


Channeling Your Inner Author! There’s a book inside you! 

You know it – you feel it – you have waited so long! 
So! Today is the day! Let’s embark on the game plan that will bring in the vision, set the stage…and… GO FOR IT! Do you have 15 minutes a day? 30? An hour? 3 hours? Some days a little, other days more? 
We’ll design a way for you to succeed!Is it Novel, Memoir, Poetry, Non- Fiction, How-To, Wisdom Speak….? 

Perfect! Bi-Weekly, you’ll get a 2 week plan; short and sweet, and easy-peasy: assignments for writing, for reading, and, always, for soul-feeding to support the creative…These assignments follow the clock of Moontime, the waxing and waning, so you move forward with Large Winds at your back, and deep, real, support for your progress! This class is personalized and interactive: Please send me a simple, breezy, jot-it-down, description of the Book you are absolutely, now, going to write! 
Send it in as scattered, or organized, a fashion as you like…

Don’t let the issues of beginning be the ending! Dream your dream… and together we can bring it into fruition! I will support your Dream’s coming true! This is 4-week course.

I offer my commitment:  to design your steps in bi-weekly assignments, 
and every 2 weeks, to deepread a 5-page writing sample, respond to you by email and adjust our work as needed. Also, at any time, you can ask me to read any amount of the book, and we’ll arrange this. Note: You can opt for your Last Week to either leave you with a Big Picture of your next steps,  OR:  if you are going to re-commit to a second round to continue your book together, then that week will continue on our path to YOUR BOOK!!


Writing in Concert: 
Creating & Sustaining Your Dream Writer’s Group!

I highly recommend if you desire to get really serious as a writer, and live near like-minded folks, that you try this! This course describes and demonstrates, over a five-week period, a tried-and–true way to work together beautifully, with tremendous respect, and utmost sensitivity (and efficiency!) .

The class offers specific, dynamically effective, and WONDERFUL response and feedback techniques. Ways to work together that will GROW your work, individually, and in community. You will be coached on how to become Deep Listeners  and a powerful support system for each other. AND!! You will receive fabulous How-To’s: Make an anthology of the group’s writing, Prepare and give successful Group readings! This class can be taken by any size Writing Group, in tandem with any other Luminous Learning class, for a group rate fee of $25 per person, one-time fee, for the whole course. Or, if you have an existing writing group, this class can be tailored to fit the way you are working together now. Send me a description of your group, and your shared, and individual goals, and I will design this course to fit your needs. You can also arrange with me, to have my feedback on individual work, at special student rates. Also: Your group can arrange for me to visit! Sponsor a workshop on any aspects of Writing, Story Telling, Poetry, or Performance, and writing practice you desire…and we’ll Rock!! Make it open to the public, or keep it private for your group! Email me for details!

wildwriting 101
Writing our way home
Jump Start writing life
Dharma Lineage
To Praise is the whole thin
Voices of Flowers
Staying solid in the mystery
Cooking up your cookbook
Channeling your inner author
Writing in Concert
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