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I thoroughly enjoyed working with you on Poetry 101 and Tales of Arriving and Becoming. I am grateful to you for the creative confidence that you've brought into my life. It has allowed me to interact with my life and with my writing with a whole lot of joy. The energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement from you and the methods you used to teach or rather share the joy of writing was a wild and inspiring experience. 



Judyth the poet… (& cook)
Judyth poet, performer, writing teacher, and author, makes her home up in the splendor of the Rockie's Front Range: the ponderosa and aspen-covered mountains of Northern Colorado.
Judyth is the recipient of grants from the Witter Bynner Poetry Foundation, the McCune Foundation, and New Mexico Endowment for the Humanities. She served for many years as the Literature Coordinator for the New Mexico State Arts Division, while creating, owning and operating Santa Fe’s premier gourmet bakery, The Chocolate Maven, where she was as known for her brownies and for her poetry!
Her published books of poetry include Baker’s Baedeker, The Goddess Cafe, Hardwired For Love, Presence of Angels, Men Need Space, Dazzling Wobble, and Black Hollyhock, First Light. Her poems are included in numerous anthologies. She is the author of the internationally acclaimed poem, Wage Peace, which has been set to music and recorded by the Cincinnati Women’s Choir.
Judyth authored the cookbook for the celebrated Santa Fe, NM restaurant, Geronimo, published by Ten Speed Press. She is a noted food writer and journalist; and was the Santa Fe restaurant critic for the Albuquerque Journal for nine years. Judyth was described by the St. Helena Examiner as, "Energy with skin,” and by the Denver Post as, “A tigress with a pen.”
Judyth the teacher… 
I am an all-hands-on-deck professional poet and teacher, and I joyously provide working practice and knowledge of the history, craft, and techné of poetry, narrative, memoir, and non-fiction, offering writers and authors rich and potent resources of both traditional and modern works. My goal and gift is to provide you with all the inspiration, wisdom, and techniques to develop your writing, and have the Writerly Life of your Dreams!

Let’s reach for language, for new and inventive vocabulary, to push ourselves, writing and re-writing with luscious and profound focus to play with and contort syntax and diction to make something utterly new happen in language!

I emphasis literary principles and techniques, including rhythm, metaphor, imagery, and in poetry, line and stanza breaks...the real nuts and bolts of the work, through writing exercises and lively readings and lessons of great writing throughout time, and across many languages and cultures. Explorations of literary voices, styles and subjects can include historical and contemporary “greats”, both international and regional. 

By absolutely believing and trusting in the process of studying and writing in community, I engage writers in the profound act of intensely experienced discovery of self, world, and art, framed by the exquisite work of making our thoughts and stories sing and soar. 

It is this very act of skilled, heightened attention, on the part of all involved that becomes our means to grow ourselves into fabulously skilled, innovative, published Authors! Writers that study with me emerge not only skilled in writing, but also dedicated readers and lovers of the lineage of the Great Ones, that exquisite ancestry, our other family, if you will, across time and the globe, of magnificent, world-changing poets and authors. 


From this welcome, deeply necessary sense of relatedness, we discover and value our own idiosyncratic place in this world, and emerge knowing that our work, our writing, matters, has true valence, and sings us all back to life.


Best & Best,

Judyth Hill

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