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Writing & Yoga Intensives “Moving Muse”

Let your yearning be the beginning of your doing…

Give your yoga practice a voice & give your writing life a yoga practice…

Writing & Yoga Intensives where we come to your location…
DATES, 2018
Madhuri Martin, Anusara Yoga Master Instructor
& Judyth Hill, Renowned Poet Present…
We have found that the process of joining yoga to our writing practice, is doubly sublime! In our workshops, we alternate yoga practice with writing practice. With joy, humor, tenderness, and a great spirit of play, Madhuri facilitates yoga stretches, posture, and breathing techniques, and Judyth facilitates bringing forward the interior voice.


In class, we all write, and, in amazement, we experience our stories coming tumbling out on the page: and we all breathe, stretch and move, and, in amazement, we experience our body’s longing and facility for profound energy, insight and growth.

Weep, laugh, holler with the thrill, surprise and excitement of discovering we have language, beautiful language, for our inner life, and a newly re-vitalized, deliciously alive body!


Writers are amazed at how their newly flexible, enlivened bodies, bring vastly more energy and pizzazz to their work.

Yoga teachers are awed at the tools they acquire to bring their authentic voice forward to enhance their teaching.


Writers and Yoga students alike, are stunned and stirred by the words that emerge from an unknown, or often, left behind, forgotten, place.


It is our great pleasure to bring our collaboration of yoga and writing skills to those seeking their own connection with the exquisite mystery pulsing always, all around us.

d scribble, make poems and notes…pieces of overheard conversations.
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