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Whether you have written for 40 years, or started yesterday… or are longing to start: this sweet sweet and inspiring course will get you jazzed, juiced and WRITING! This is my ONE STOP SHOP for WildWriting: an exquisite way to write the passionate, image-rich poems we all long to create!

WildWriting offers fresh, innovative techniques get you writing passionately! Create crafted work, strong, lyrical, full of vivid details and powerful images… I have come up with thrilling – and fun! – and simple! –tried-and-true techniques that get you writing the kind of poetry you have longed to…passionate, strong, lyrical, splendidly full of intimate, specific details and powerful images…FAST! NOW!

WILD WRITING 101~ My most exquisite essential course!

  • Digital PDF. ZIP File

    broken into 5 weeks

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