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For many years, Judyth Hill has taken me on a wild ride to the intersection of the daily and the divine, the area of poetics where I find my true self and therefor my best publishing successes.




From New Moon to Full Moon: From Dark to Bright… MoonWrite!
31 Days of Writing Practice with the Moon…


On New Moon Eve: Make a Promise to Your CreativeHeart… Say that you will do…Something you have been longing to do!
The Dark Moon blesses Beginnings! Be ambitious & hopeful! Courageous and Playful! What if you could do ANYTHING?! You CAN! Dream Big – That which you have always wanted…Coming True! Reach for the Stars!!!  Believe!  You are the Hero: make the Story a Big One! The Moon Herself is our fairy Godmother! 
Write your Promise own, elegantly, with wholeheart Intention  on beautiful paper - Put it up where you will see it every day. Light a candle there.


NOW! Do something with VERVE for your Writing Life! Read your work ALOUD, with flair & Joy, to someone you love! Let them PRAISE you! A lot! Remember when you were little & thought you were just the Cat’s Meow!  YOU ARE! Take the Adventure You Soul has been Longing for!!!!!


Email me for your selected Moonth of Daily MoonWrites: 30, (or 31!) inspired and inspiring WildWriting Practices in Resonance with that month’s Moon Sign Transits & Moon Phase (And blessed by the Sun sign….! $111.


Let’s Have FUN with Our Moon! Invite your Friends! Let’s Play!

Remember: Beautymaking is a Team Sport!! See You There!

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