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Fruta colorado

A few words about the grand, beloved, wise, talented, and inspiring Judyth Hill?  That's impossible!  I've never met a teacher/friend/person more intuitive, gifted, and nurturing that Judyth.  Her electric energy is both motivating and soothing - J always seems to know which turn in the labyrinth of creativity you are going to take, even before you know!  I've worked with her on three book projects and hope to keep working with her on many more.  My recently published book, My Culinary Compulsion as well as my memoir, Seeing Double, came to fruition in large part because of Judyth's dedication, guidance, coaching, and encouragement. Her teaching methods, like herself, are one-of-a-kind and effective in, not only helping you find, but unleash your voice and path as a writer, whatever the genre.

Alona Abbady Martinez

Author of My Culinary Compulsion, Serving Up Sizzle, FL 

Fruta Colorado

with Judyth Hill
dates, 2018
This destination writing retreat at a mountain lodge in gorgeous Fruta Colorado is the time and the place to get your project energized, on track, or if you’re at your final stage: completed! And get feedback!
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Join Poet, Author, Teacher, Judyth Hill, for a delicious, enlivening week in a place that offers both the peace and tranquility to get serious work done, and the sensual and culinary beauty to feel utterly inspired every second!
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All reservations are made through xx.

Itinerary & Pricing

The Fruta Colorado retreat includes many hours of writing time, 8 hours of WildWriting classes, morning progress check-ins, sharing our work in the evenings, and 3 hours of private meeting time with Judyth.

Each afternoon we'll break for an activity in the kitchen to learn about local food production and preparation by picking fruit from heirloom trees, canning preserves, making schnapps or foraging in the forest. The Novaks practice SlowFood by securing the majority of their ingredients from their fields, their neighbors, the nearby forest and famed local trout stream. It will be the freshest food you've ever tasted!

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