Judyth Hill is a poet's poet plus a poet that attracts new ears to the music of her field.  A book in hand by this magnificent soul is indeed a treasure.  We have taught side by side, and I always learn and am inspired by her bright, sharp insights.  When she reads a poem she reads the palm of the writer.  This is no ordinary "how- to".  This is a book you need to take you to the next level, even if you don't know it.  She's been taking notes for years, jotting, I've seen her notebooks and file cabinet.  Now you get to see what's in them.

Joan Logghe,

Santa Fe Poet Laureate 2010-2012, Santa Fe, NM


Re-Vision, Getting Unstuck

I consider being entrusted to develop your manuscript together a privilege and pleasure! I will always work to fulfill your individual needs for the successful completion of your project: we can discuss and tailor my services to fit you.  
I feel that my particular gift, and in fact, my goal, is to get deeply inside my writer's style - more - to get to the heart of exactly what my writer is doing, in every word, every page, and in the project as a whole, and then to mentor/edit from within that understanding until your book just shines.

Profoundly, wisely simpatico: that's my approach: you will now have an extra brain, and heart and set of skilled eyes and hands committed to your project. Wisdom in your pocket, and a WiseWriter by your side. 

And I am your cheering section! We are a team! Please contact me for a detailed description of my process and potential outcomes for our work together.

The key to a great book? Get Editing!