Let’s Have a Cuppa…and….


I am available for mentoring. I am happy to work with you in private, in person, Zoom, by email… or a hybrid, whatever way will benefit you in your writing/creative process!


If you are working with me by email, we write back and forth, with suggestions, praise and edits given and discussed…as seems to further the work best.


If we are co-creating your Dream project: your poetry book, your memoir, novel, essays, cookbook, travel book, children’s book, and so on, we work together to plan the project, I help set goals, with deep reading and respond as you write, and supporting you and the process all the way, in every way!


I work with you to create your writing schedule, plan your approach, and stay on it!


I help you WildWrite, and revise, and re-think as necessary.


I help you choose a publisher, write your bio, marketing letter, and fulfill the submission guidelines for your selected publishers. Or – find an agent!


We stay in continual connection and correspond until the book hits the bookstore!


We will often meet in the cyberworld! Have a cup of Cybertea!


I have taken many poets through the entire process of editing their poems for a collection, putting the poems into an organic, sensuous and powerful river, if you will…of poems,  picking out the best poems to include in the approach.


I have guided many authors of novels, creative non-fiction, and memoir, to Plan the Work…and Work the Plan! My gift is a blurb on the back cover!


                         GETTING UNSTUCK

I consider being entrusted to develop your manuscript together a privilege and pleasure.


My work is to genuinely fulfill your individual needs for the successful completion of your project.  

My particular gift, and in fact, my goal, is to get deeply inside my writer's style - more - to get to the heart of exactly what my writer is doing, in every word, every page, and in the project as a whole, and then to mentor/edit from within that understanding until your book just shines!


Profoundly, wisely simpatico: that's my approach:

you will now have an extra brain, and heart and set of skilled eyes and hands committed to your project. 


Wisdom in your pocket, and a WiseWriter by your side. 

And I am your cheering section! We are a team!


Please contact me for a detailed description of my process and potential outcomes for our work together.

                            The key to a great book? Get Editing!


Natalie Goldberg,
Author of Writing Down the Bones…, Santa Fe, NM

Somewhere inside living the life of a poet, Judyth Hill grew the heart of a teacher.

When I first set her and a select crew of New Mexico poets and writers loose teaching the Writing down the Bones timed writing process, Judyth took all the tools and went for it. Anyone that has heard her read poems, or seen her teach her classes, knows her passion for and commitment to poetry and her students. She has developed teaching into a deep art.  WildWriting: The Dharma of Poetry shares her fresh way of looking at writing, her wild exuberance and enthusiasm for students, for poetry, for keeping alive the lineage of Poetry. The practices and exercise of WildWriting  will bring people to the page  with original depth and guide writers to follow their own passions onto the page.