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I love working one- on- one! Email me your work: a collection in progress of poetry, stories, essays, memoir, or your non- fiction project,and I will respond with deep line editing, coaching, crafting suggestions, inspiration.

I offer four ways to study with me -Online - Luminous Learning; at my Farm outside San Miguel de Allende in Mexico: at Conferences and Retreats in the United States; and with Eat-Write -Travel: around the world, on vivid culinary and literary adventures.

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About Wage Peace...

The day the Towers fell, my daughter called me up at Rockmirth, my mountainside ranch in New Mexico, and told me. 
My phone began ringing: Beloveds calling…..and as the news came in and in, I found myself saying,  “It is time to Wage Peace.”
I knew to get off the phone right then: the poem was coming like a freight train!
How grateful I am to have been the woman holding the pen, when Wage Peace wanted in!
I had been reading Pema Chödrön’s When Things Fall Apart, and was doing the Buddhist practice of Tonglen: using our breath and heart to transform pain, suffering, grief,
terror. Instead of the Western concept of Breathe in the Good…Breathe out the Bad (spread that Bad around to someone else!) Tonglen says use our mind, heart, body & breathe to heal and transform and Create good in the world!
This reversal is the heart of that poem, and the heart of my practice in writing poems that Support the Good….I always find the Bad has way enough speakers! And here is the deepest truth: what we name, what we say, what we speak, write, or put out (whether for or against) that is what we create in the world.
The Saying makes it So.
​Wage Peace speaks FOR …….and that is my idea of the Paradigm Shift: the way we can truly inspire the Good, we can transform, not describe. not judge, not castigate or berate.
Wage Peace danced Her way around the world, across the Internet: often with another poet’s name on it, and usually sporting a line I never wrote! 
She has become several posters, my favorite being the one you see below, by artist, calligrapher, Mary Teichman;  a quilt; several paintings;  and magnificently set to music and recorded by the Cincinnati Women’s Choir. Wage Peace is magneted to refrigerators, posted on websites: an exquisite validation that when we think in the biggest hoop of Open-Hearted Knowing..we need Poem!
If you would like to reproduce, teach from, or have a relationship to Wage Peace, please write me here: permission will be granted, and I love hearing of Her latest appearances in the world!

Glad  you  Came!

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