What a wonderful, marvelous, generous, affirming, praising, knowledgeable, engaging and engaged teacher Judyth Hill is! The depth and breadth of her knowledge on both the intellectual and the soul levels are simply astounding.  As the apt description goes: learning from her is like trying to sip from a fire hose! I'm so excited for all of us who will use this book like a bible.  I can't wait to have it in my hands.  I think she is one of the most amazing thinkers in America -- and that, coupled with her ginormous compassion and love and her brilliant heart for writing makes her someone anyone can learn from, someone anyone would want to sit at the feet of.  I am gobsmacked by her, gobsmacked.

Jonelle Maison

Cruisin Passion Boulevard, NM


Wild writing is an exquisite way to write the passionate, image-rich poems we all long to create! Fresh, innovative techniques get you writing passionately! I have come up with thrilling – and fun! – and simple! –tried-and-true techniques that get you writing the kind of poetry you have longed to… So let’s ride the gorgeous wild stallion of our Poems! Hop on!  Let’s gooooooooooooooo! Click here to learn more about Wild Writing.
The key to a great book? Get editing!
The key to a great book…get editing! You and I will become your sweetest, most useful  Revision Team ever! Poets, I can help edit your work, line by line, as well as assisting you to select and order poems for your manuscript. Fiction, Memoir: I can help you polish and finalize your work for publication. Query letters, shopping for an agent, deciding to self-publish or not: We’ll get you all the way to your book in hand!
Be present go deep, watch your writing blossom…
Plan, start, work on, or finish your manuscript of poems in retreats in inspiring place!  Your novel! Your Memoir! Commit to YOUR Writing! Luxuriate in long stretches of luscious time! Whether you have written for 40 years, or started yesterday…or are longing to start: this sweet and inspiring course will get you jazzed, juiced and WRITING!