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WildWriting Classes

Judyth Hill Writing and Inspirational Technique

I believe that the most important lesson that I learned from Judyth is, as a poet, I am one link in a long lineage.  Emily and Adrienne, Rumi and Hafiz have gone before and I am a part of that as I write.  They are my teachers and they are my brothers and sisters, mothers and grandfathers.  As we write together, we continue the work and it is important.  
I can’t wait to see her method in print, to share and have her “in my pocket.”
And about WildWriting: 7 flowers, 7 rivers, 7 mountains, 7 flavors and on and on to create a rich collection of words that find their way into pieces at just the right moment to create a rich and unique tapestry that is wild writing.  And from this “cupboard” each writer finds their way to their unique voice.  Judyth’s method is as fresh as the work that I created in her classes, fed by the synergy of the group in a culture of praise.  Writing with Judyth is pure joy.

“Welcome to WildWriting and Welcome Home to Yourself!

We begin!

But, where and how and with what? With our aliveness and our passion and our desire. A thirst, an itch, a yen.

Everything in our human pilgrimage begins with desire, and the journey of creativity, any form of creativity, any act of imagination, is one of passionate curiosity, and longing. And a surrender: to be willing to be falling down wild laughing, weeping, silent, ecstatic, quiet, loud, calm and frenzied, serene, and always, always, all-hands-on-deck: Present.”

Judyth Hill

Chapter 1, WildWriting


WildWriting is an inspirational writing technique developed by Judyth Hill. Judyth has been teaching for more than 20 years and has developed this special technique to helping budding and professional writers alike to find their voice. 

Kimberly Kinser, Writer, Workshop facilitator
Alamos, New Mexico