Art Goodtimes: Author, County Commissioner, San Miguel County, CO; Poet Laurate, Western Slopes
“She's one of the most gifted poetry teachers I know…”
Judyth Hill is one of the legendary wild women of Santa Fe (& beyond!). Her poetry throws me into fits of tantric awe. I feel like a ping-pong eyeball in the Louvre of the Lyric Divine … She’s also one of the most gifted poetry teachers I know. And I hate poetry workshops (usually). But Judyth is one of the exceptions that prove the rule. She’s brilliant and she pulls incredible work out of one’s own experience by giving you amazing tools and access to the full world of the lyric valuables with a seductive process of opening one’s mind and heart … If you’re at all interested in writing poetry or in invigorating your prose with juicy, dazzling inspiration, I would sign up for her class fast.  And expect to laugh a lot … Judyth first came to Telluride back in 1989 as one of the Wild Women of Santa Fe and performed in the Sheridan Opera House for the first Talking Gourds poetry festival, and became a performance regular at subsequent Talking Gourds – including hosting her own in New Mexico and now in Mexico … Don’t miss the Judyth Hill experience. Highly recommended.
Susan Page, Executive Director, San Miguel Writers' Conference
“She teaches with such passion… that being in her presence is…total" 
Judyth can ease/stretch/pull/extract poetry out of the most reluctant student. Her enthusiasm is impossible to evade. Her love of poetry is infectious. She teaches with such passion and conviction that being in her presence is a total, captivating experience. If you want to hang on to “I don’t like poetry,” don’t meet Judyth.
I recall with a warm heart sitting around a campfire reading she led, sharing our readings, causing the moon to rise with our collective energy. We were focused, we were sharing our love through poetry.
Collette Sell, writer, CA
Get ready for inspiration!
Judyth Hill’s unique poetry teaching invites you to open your heart and move deep into the spirit. Your companions will be Rumi, Sappho, Hafiz, Rilke, Jennifer Boyden, Gary Snyder, Lorca, Billy Collins, Sherman Alexie, Pablo Neruda, and assorted archangels. You will find your forgotten wildness, your lost hopes, your vast expansive nature connecting to both Earth and Other.  Your creative life will, happily, never be the same. There will be only Before Judyth and After Judyth. 
Andi Seals, Author, A Crocus in Winter, TN
It is not possible to leave her presence without being inspired to create new and better work.

Judyth is an extraordinary teacher. The strength of her methods resulted in unexpected doors opening for me as a writer. Her positive exuberance is contagious. It is not possible to leave her presence without being inspired to create new and better work. Her vast experience has given her perspective and insight on so many different avenues of approach  a student can explore any or all without fear of falling short. She is supportive and honest in her appraisal. 

     Because she comes from a place of true love for words and where they can take you she packs you delicious snacks to go, shines a bright light down the paths of possibility and lets you run!
Deborah Harford, Author, Executive Director, ACT (the Adaptation to Climate Change Team), Pacific Water Research Centre, Faculty of Environment, SFU, Climate Solutions Fellow, SFU Centre for Dialogue, Adjunct Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management, SFU, Vancouver, BC
Judyth Hill reignited my life as a writer.
I met Judyth in 2012 at a workshop in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and was immediately galvanized by her passion, poetic power, enormous heart, and boundless love for the way words can explode masks and the stiffness of the endless layers of everyday pressures, revealing the fragrance and colour, laughter and joy, at the heart of things. Judyth has roots in all poetic traditions, and she shares their fruits in a way that embraces everyone, making poetry - both the enjoyment and the writing of it - possible for all. Judyth's teaching got me writing again after a long period of stagnation and I am finally, at 52, about to publish my first book of poems. I think that Judyth should get a medal for service to society and the arts - in a world in which humanity and decency are under threat, she persists as a bright champion for the angels of our better nature, and how their essence can be expressed for all to share.