The Key to a Great Book: Great Editing!

You and I will become your sweetest, most useful  Revision Team ever! Poets, I can help edit your work, line by line, as well as assisting you to select and order poems for your manuscript. Fiction, Memoir: I can help you polish and finalize your work for publication. Query letters, shopping for an agent, deciding to self-publish or not: We’ll get you all the way to your book in hand!
$75 per hour
​Minimum Purchase: 5 hours: $375

And you may buy Hours in Bulk:

  $700 for 10 hours @ $70 per hour.  

$1300 for 20 hours @$65 per hour

My Services as Your Editor & Writing Coach 

It is a privilege and pleasure to be entrusted with developing your manuscript together!

Thank you for inviting me on this exciting Journey to your book! 
Below you will find a description of my service, my rates, and our expected process together. 
 I will always work to fulfill your current needs with your project. We can always discuss and tailor my services to fit you.  What you will read here, is a description of the most common expected process and outcome of our work together.

I feel that my particular gift, and in fact, my goal, is to get deeply inside my writer's style - more - to get to the heart of exactly what my writer is doing, in every word, every page, and in the project as a whole, and then to mentor/edit from within that understanding until your book just shines. Profoundly, wisely simpatico: that's my approach: you will now have an extra brain, and heart and set of skilled eyes and hands committed to your project. Wisdom in your pocket, and a WiseWriter by your side. 
 And I am your cheering section! We are a team!
 Our Adventure Begins!
 First, in person, or by email, we identify and discuss what your goals are for your book. Let’s make your exact dream come true! Are you sending this to an agent? A publisher? Do you need a book proposal? Are you self–publishing, and will then need a publicist? Or self-publishing and just handling the marketing yourself? Do you need to develop your platform? Will you want some marketing help from me?
 We answer all these, and decide and agree on what needs to be done, and by whom. And establish a working title! 
Next, we establish our time line. By when do you want your manuscript ready to go to an agent, a publisher or Create Space? Once we know that, I will make a back-out schedule, and we will know what needs to be done by when.
Even if it’s ballpark: this is important to do!
 We will need to be thinking about your getting blurbs for the back of the book, so, please make a list of the people you wish to request a blurb from. We will time the request to fit when we have a completed mss for them to read.
 You will want to be thinking about the possibility of a Foreword and/or Afterword. Make a list of those possible people. We need to give them really generous lead time.  
Take notes for your Dedication.
If there are to be footnotes, we’ll plan for that. If the book needs an index: you will hire a professional indexer for that. 
 Now! The editing begins! You send me what you have ready for me, as a document in Word, attached to an email. If you are sending poems, you may send them singly or in a single document. You may send 
chapters singly or in chunks.
 You may be sending me your first draft, or your 10th: your choice. You may send the whole book, or send as you have sections ready. Unless you request a different process, I will return the book in sections so you can work on a section as I move forward. That way, we are both always busy! 
 When I am done, and we have finished, polished manuscript, you will still need a proofreader: Both of us will have looked at the book too many times and could miss spelling errors and typos. 
If this is a book of your poetry, once all the poems have been revised, you may want me to create that all-important order for the poems.

Or you may decide that we collaborate on that process. Fine!

I will create the Table of Contents from the order we have agreed on, and which you LOVE. (I promise!)When I make the order of your poems, I will need them on paper, and will bill you to have them printed them out, and send you the invoice.
 Are we happy with the title? We make sure that is absolutely FABULOUS, and in place!
 At this point, you have a manuscript, with a Table of Contents, that is ready to move to your chosen blurb, Foreword, Afterword, Indexing folks. And an Agent! If you haven’t an agent, you may have me help you write queries. 
 I will stay on your project with you until you have attained your goal of publication.
My Editing Process
When I receive work from you, I will let you know I got it! We will have previously established our timeline together, and I will get to work on your pages in a timely manner consistent with our agreement.
 You do not have to send me a finished mss; although you may. If you are currently writing your book; you may send me chapters singly or in chunks. If we are working on your poetry manuscript, send all the completed poems you have, and then send poems as you finish them.
I edit using a system of color-coded highlighting within your text, which I will send you, but here it is for the purposes of conversation:
wonderful writing, just gorgeous

Blue: I question this, something to check over
Blue, crossed out: I feel this 
has to go, or be changed

Blue, in Bold: Denotes a section still to be written; outline/notes for something 
Green: my changes, suggestions of possible changes, several synonyms will be suggested with a forward slash between them
Yellow, in Bold: me talking to you!
Red: rare: just fantastic writing, really, really – really- great!

Gray, in Bold: a way to talk to me inside the text, or to show me your added, new writing in a section we have previously edited
 When you get my edits/responses to the sections you have sent me: if you like and accept my edits/changes: please undo the green color. Then erase/undo any crossed-out words in blue, or undo blue highlights, where you have accepted my version. Or, I have asked you to re-write something, Bold and highlight in gray your new writing. Sounds complicated here, but when we are up and rolling, you will find it a breeze, I promise!
 ALWAYS return as CLEAN as possible COPY to me: erase/clean up my comments to you, where you accepted the edit, or I praised you, and erase/undo all colors and cross-outs where you have accepted my edits in the book. 
 Any change you don’t like: leave it marked and tell me 
in a gray, bolded note. 
 Then send the document back to me, titled as in the example below.
 Next, I will either erase my suggested edit and clean up my comments, and leave the text as you desire, or I will respond to you, discussing my change, if I feel strongly, and ask you to re
 OR, you can reject my edits, and not show it to me again…but that is NOT the best process for us! Best is to always agree on edits!
 Or: If you accept all my edits, and have not added anything new, that section is done! And you then clean up 
all the marks,
and re-send that section, marked DONE in the title of the document. I collect all DONE documents, and when all the sections are done, I re-assemble the whole book, and send you a clean, finished, book!
 When I send a section of the book to you, I will title and date the document, using our initials, 
for example: Prologue to Chapter 4, JH to XX, 1.21.2015. When you return it for me to look at, you re-name it: Prologue to Chapter 4, XX to JH, 1.22.2015. And so we go: for as many passes as needed! When it is done, you return that section as Prologue to Chapter 4, XX to JH, DONE.
Payment and Rates
 Basic Hourly Rates:  $75 per hour, 5 hours pre-paid to begin: $375

Discounted Rates for Pre-Paid Bulk Hours:
40 hours @ $60 (plus $100. break): $2300 
20 hours @ $65: $1300
10 hours @$70: $700

To begin our work, I will need 5 hours prepaid, at $75 per hour.  

And, if we are doing a long project, we can negotiate a contract.
I am always paid in advance: I can supply an invoice at the time of payment.
Thank you for choosing me to be your Mentor, Coach
and Editor on this exciting, precious Journey to have your Voice in the World!  

To your book! L’Chaim!

From the moment you share your project with me,  either poetry or prose; I align myself with your style, your Voice, and your dream..and together we work to bring your dream to fruition.

I do not merely “re-write” your work: I use a unique process that combines mentoring with editing, so you actually build skills, and gain writing tools for your toolbox, while your work sings and soars!

I use a color highlighting code, that shows you my suggested changes, offering word choices and rearranged word orders, and also praises your fine and finest work.

All my work is transparent, open to acceptance or not, on your part, and part of a ongoing deep revision and conversation on your project.

I promise you will love this process!

And adore that moment at the end..of YOUR book in hand!

 I'll Share YourVision